/Jira Full Course with Real World Examples

Jira Full Course with Real World Examples

Ritika Ohri (Agile Coach / PMP / CSM)

15 modules


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Learn Jira in 6 Hours: Elevate Your Projects, and Transform Your Way of Working


Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive Jira tutorial. Designed with precision and clarity, this course is enriched with:

  • Real-world examples: Practical scenarios to help you connect theoretical knowledge with on-ground challenges.

  • Seasoned industry insights: Benefit from expert opinions and decades of professional experience in project management.

  • Simple yet detailed instructions: Crafted in easy-to-understand language, ensuring you grasp both foundational concepts and the intricacies of advanced modulations.

  • Integration of Scrum and Kanban methodologies: Learn how Jira seamlessly merges these methodologies for optimal project management results.

No matter your role—be it an individual contributor, a product owner, or a visionary leader—this course caters to you. Delve into:

  • Issue Management: Grasp the nuances of tracking and resolving project challenges.

  • Dashboard Optimization: Master the art of customizing your Jira dashboard for maximum efficiency.

  • Strategic Backlog Management: Prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring no critical issue goes unnoticed.

  • Adept Sprint Planning: Align team efforts and set achievable goals for every project cycle.

Upon completion, you'll possess the skills to tailor Jira to your unique needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your project objectives. This knowledge sets you—and your entire team—on a trajectory for unparalleled success. Dive in now, and immerse yourself in the unmatched capabilities of Jira.

What you will learn

Understand the basics of Jira and Agile

Learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of Jira, Scrum, Kanban and their key components.

Getting Started

Learn how to install, set up, and configure Jira for different project management needs. Apart from that get a walkthrough of Jira for better understanding

Jira Segments

Learn how to create and set up projects manage project settings. Along with components, versions, backlogs, etc

Creating and managing Issues in Jira

Learn how to create, track, prioritize, and manage issues in Jira using various issue types and fields. Also, understand the linking of issues and issue hierarchy.

Jira Boards and Agile Methodologies

Learn how to use Jira boards, including Scrum and Kanban boards, to plan, track, and manage your Agile projects. Also learn how to create project board for multiple projects

Workflows, Roadmaps, Filters and Reports

Explore advanced features of Jira such as workflows, filters, reporting, and creating roadmaps.

Integrating Jira with other tools and extensions

Learn how to integrate Jira with other popular tools and extensions to enhance its functionalities.

Real-world examples and best practices

Get hands-on experience with real-world examples and learn best practices for using Jira effectively in different scenarios.


Course Introduction

3 attachments • 4.98 mins

Introduction of the Course Creator


Why This Course


What Is Jira ?


Agile and Jira - Terms / Concepts

3 attachments • 14.42 mins





Getting Started with Jira

4 attachments • 27.51 mins

Installing Jira

Jira Navigation

Projects in Jira



Jira Issues

10 attachments • 1 hrs

Issues and Issue Types in Jira

Creating Stories

Creating Epics

Creating Bugs

Creating Subtasks And Tasks

Creating Custom Issues

Creating Custom Fields

How to Link Issues

Parent-Child Relationship


Jira Segments

3 attachments • 21.09 mins

Components in Jira

Versions in Jira

Backlogs in Jira

Jira Project Boards

3 attachments • 28.43 mins

Scrum Board in Jira

Kanban Boards in Jira

Jira Board from Multiple projects

Sprint Management

3 attachments • 14.11 mins

Estimations in Jira

Flow of a Sprint in Jira

Assignment Sprint

Searching Issues and Filters

4 attachments • 38.49 mins

Searching Issues in Jira

Advanced Issues Searching with Filters

Five Basic and Most Used Jira Filters

Getting Linked Issues

Import / Export and Bulk Update

4 attachments • 19.75 mins

Import Issues into Jira


Bulk Updates

Export Issues from Jira

Workflows in Jira

2 attachments • 16.43 mins

Introduction To Workflows

Workflows and Jira Boards

Reports in Jira

4 attachments • 25.74 mins

Burndown Charts

Sprint Reports in Jira

Velocity and Velocity Charts in Jira


Jira DashBoards

1 attachment • 17.51 mins

Creating Dashboards

Jira Roadmaps / Timeline

1 attachment • 22.61 mins

Timeline or Roadmaps in Jira

App Integrations

1 attachment • 5.91 mins

App Integrations in Jira


1 attachment

Jira Software Cheat Sheet


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About the creator

About the creator

Ritika Ohri (Agile Coach / PMP / CSM)

I am Ritika Ohri, the founder of Management Bliss. As a PMP-certified Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach, I offer over 16 years of rich, hands-on experience in Project Management and Software Development. Throughout my professional odyssey across ever-evolving business terrains, I've held key positions instrumental in guiding organizations on their journey to agile transformation and comprehensive growth. You may reach out to me at ritika.ohri@gmail.com


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